Educational Cultural Journeys

Workshops, Clinics and Residencies

Chinobay orchestrates transformative educational and outreach programs, weaving together diverse cultural experiences, and musical explorations to introduce the vibrant tapestry of Africa's heritage to global audiences of all ages, sharing cross-cultural insights and fostering connections across borders and generations.

He delivers thought-provoking dialogues and conversations which explore the intersection of cultural diversity, social responsibility, music, and the human experience, fostering connections and expanding horizons in unconventional settings.


  • Foundation of Ugandan and Pan-African music
  • African rhythms and fusion with worldwide genres.
  • Songcraft
  • Community and social responsibility


  • Hands-on sessions
  • Q & A sessions
  • Culminating performances with local participants
  • Collaboration with orchestras, bands, choirs and string quartets.

Collaborations and culminating performances

Chinobay collaborates with music students and composition groups, arranging and scoring African music for various ensembles, enabling learners to explore African melodies on familiar instruments. These sessions culminate in captivating performances alongside Chinobay, enriching musical education with cross-cultural depth.





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