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Global roots and fusion

Chinobay’s band embarks on an exceptional musical journey to Africa like never before, where music transcends boundaries and brings us closer together in an unforgettable atmosphere of culture, interaction and joy. This band brings together exceptional musicians from different African countries who tap into various global influences to create a memorable pan African sound.Their exhilarating performances showcase a unique fusion between African traditional instruments and modern sounds, resulting in a sound of their own and keeping the audience on their feet

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Immerse yourself in the pure, unadulterated sounds of traditional instruments that include the Kora, Kalimba, Endongo and Talking Drums, that will transport you to distant lands. Perfect for listening rooms and intimate venues, this isn't just a concert; it's a learning experience where Chinobay shares insights into the rich history and stories woven into the music, offering you a chance to connect with the soul of Africa. In this intimate space, reminiscent of childhood circles where learning was a communal affair, we'll rediscover the wonder of music and the power of human connection.


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